The Zone-51

The Zone-51

is in desert of state of Nevada. The road leading there, is always deserted. During more than hundred kilometers of a way here you will not meet settlement, even a guide sign. Only near to the base there are the huge boards warning unbidden visitors from the further promotion on this road: further - a prohibited zone.

Numerous military patrols protect approaches to base. Confidential object it is located in a valley which most part is surrounded with mountains. At night this area reminds city of the future in which sky shone objects continually rise. In territory of the Zone-51 there are some hangars, biggest of which contains "Aieia-747" with raketonositelem. Purpose almost all hangars more or is less known.

One of structures serves as research laboratory which is engaged in creation and designing of the modern nuclear weapon. Other hangar comprises the advanced planes which are tested here and completion. Confidential the newest the self-years-invisible beings, called in documents "A-2", some times in a week soars up in the sky from air station of base where there is the longest in the world a runway-landing - 9.5 kilometers.

Under applications of some employees from the personnel of the Zone-51, wished to remain unknown persons, in territory of military base tests of the forbidden chemical weapon also are made. Near to object it is located dried up to a box of lake Grum Lejk. According to Glenn Kempbella who has begun exposing clauses about the Zone 51, in this place militarians subject to a burial place various industrial waste, and also use base as confidential mini-range.

Bean Lazar which became first of former workers of the base, started to give out its secrets, approves, that in the center of this confidential object under the ground there is ? confidential ufologicheskaja a laboratory which is engaged in researches and studying of UFO. How militarians and scientists receive data on designs of the extraterrestrial ships, it is not known. Probably, these data are taken from extraterrestrial flying devices it happened to them to be wrecked on the Earth.

Also other variant However is possible. Many civil ufologists and simply scientific of various associations approve, that the American government and the governments of some other states meaningly hide the information about neopoznannyh flying objects as not simply observe of their occurrence, but also actively cooperate with extraterrestrial essences. In the end of 90th years somebody Scott Rhine, one of former employees of the Zone 51, having acted on the American TV, has declared, that in one of underground hangars of this base extraterrestrial essences contain.

The American officials have quickly responded to this application, and have started to approve in eager rivalry, that the promulgated information mismatches the validity and Scott Rhine is simply deranged. Soon with a refutation of the application of Scott of Rhine the president of the USA Bill Clinton who, having recognized existence of range in desert of state of Nevada, has denied all applications for presence in it ufologicheskoj confidential laboratory and consequently, everything, that with it is connected has acted also. On it Bean Lazar has declared, that " hardly the president of America would began to act with a refutation of applications any abnormal ". " Performance of the president testifies in favour of words of Rhine, than any other acknowledgement more ", - " New York Tajms " has told Lazar in interview.

Under statements of many scientists-ufologists, last decades in the sky of state of Nevada unusually high frequency of occurrence neopoznannyh flying objects is observed. Besides applications of former employees of the Zone 51 and scientists, are available various certificates and simple Americans which at various times observed in state of Nevada, and the some people and in area of confidential base, various neopoznannye objects. So, in the beginning of 1994 a certain Oliver Mason, city dweller Rechel, being rather near to the Zone 51, has seen in the sky above confidential base a huge shone sphere which slowly decreased about enough big height. Having hanged in several hundreds meters above the ground, it became less bright, but all as is swept well up in the night sky. Unexpectedly from the ground the ray of light directed, probably, from any powerful projector was threw up. Some time the beam shined object, and then pogas. The sphere again was lit and slowly began to rise in the sky. Having reached the certain point, it has unexpectedly developed huge speed and has disappeared in height.

Under messages of inhabitants of the small city of Austin located in territory of state of Nevada, in 1997 in the pure sky one more unusual phenomenon was observed. Some strange objects, unnaturally bright and well distinguished at a full sunlight, on the big speed have crossed desert from the south on the north. About a year later in the same area some person observed the similar phenomenon, but this time all occured at night. All eyewitnesses marked unusual brightness of several small objects which also from the south on the north have crossed the sky above city on the big speed. In the end of 1999 some local residents, casually having appeared not far from confidential base, observed, how from the ground the strange shone object has soared up in the sky and on the big speed has disappeared from a kind. Eyewitnesses do not undertake to approve, what exactly for object they saw. As they said, was we shall distinguish only bright light yes huge speed of a visible subject.

Bean Lazar approves, that above the Zone 51 very often there were strange objects of various configurations at which approach the bases of the device of the unknown purpose located in territory, consisting of the probe of meter length and the small sphere strung on it, started to vibrate and publish unpleasant noise.

Despite of the most interesting data on confidential military base the Zone 51 which became recently property of the public, much all is equally hidden from our eyes. Recently it became known, that every day to base from los-ai?aeana at self-summer deliver one and a half thousand workers which depart back in the evening. That for works are conducted on confidential object, it is not clear yet...

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